From pv journal USA

The International Electronics Council (GEC) has unveiled “Standards for the Analysis of Extremely-Low Carbon Modules.” This set of standards goals to “set up a framework, standardized technique, and manufacturing aims to encourage producers and suppliers to design and manufacture low embodied carbon photovoltaic (PV) modules.”

GEC has developed two ranges of emissions requirements: low carbon and ultra-low carbon (ULCS). To satisfy the low carbon customary, the photo voltaic module, together with its body, should have an embodied carbon footprint equal to or lower than 630 kg CO2e/kWp. To satisfy the ULCS customary, the footprint of the module have to be at or beneath 400 kg CO2e/kWp.

Of their evaluation, GEC created charts that estimate the carbon depth of energy grids in numerous nations concerned in photo voltaic panel manufacturing. Then they calculated the “International Warming Potential” (GWP) coefficient for every subcomponent of the photo voltaic panel.